Stud Services


If you are planning to breed your female German Shepherd dog to our German Shepherd studs, please call me before she is in season/heat so we can talk and go over the details.

1. You must test your female for Canine Brucellosis ( Brucella )..If she has Brucella, maybe she will get pregnant,but abort the puppies before delivering ,possibly dying as well and will infect my male german shepherd stud and make him sterile for life.

2. You must test your female for bacterias  ( Cervical  Culture and Sensitivity ):
This test can be done a couple of weeks before her heat, but no later than her first day of heat ( bleeding ) , as this test result takes about 3-5 days, and if there is a bacteria, she has to be treated with antibiotics for at least a week.

It has to be CERVICAL, inside the Uterus, not vaginal; many vets do a vaginal smear or Cythology, this does not tell us what is inside the uterus,where the embrios will develop; This is very important so she can get pregnant. Many vets don’t know about this or don’t understand it.

3. MYCOPLASMA: Another bacteria that will not allow her to get pregnant, this test might take 2 weeks, try to do this as close as possible to breeding time, but EARLY enough , that if it is positive, you can treat her.

4. HERPES: Another disease that will affect pregnancy.

** ALL these tests, 1 – 4 are necessary for natural breeding and we recommend them.

These tests will help her with conception and to avoid loosing the litter for complications due to infections and protect my stud from contracting and spreading diseases . 

 **Please, You must show proof in your paperwork from the vet that the tests were done to the female in question ( ask vet to put her name,tatoo and microchip # in tests results or receipt). *** Call or email me for exceptions ****
You must test your female for Progesterone levels,around the 8th-10th day after she started bleeding ( to know when ovulation starts; it will tell us exactly when to breed her for a better conception rate and bigger litter of German Shepherd puppies ).

*** The LH test ( Luteinizing Hormone ) is the most accurate for breeding time, especially when using chilled or frozen semen.

 **Ask the vet to check for “cornification or cornified cells” before doing progesterone;If there is no cornification seen in the smear,do not do the Progesterone, as you will have to re-test.

If tests are not done on time, we will only breed artificially, since we can not expose our dogs to a possible infection** If dogs do not tie at all, and you do not want an Artificial insemination done, your money will be given back. Tell us clearly and even before trying if you do not agree with any of these terms.
*An outside tie is consider a tie unless you let me know before hand.

** You can choose to go to the vet AT YOUR EXPENSE .

5. After the whelping, contact us to give you the proper information to register the litter.  

If she doesn’t get pregnant for reasons other than the breeding (  no progesterone test done ,no culture done, etc ) This is your responsibility and a different breeding will have to be scheduled.    

6. Your female will be bred TWICE.( if she is receptive ,if she allows the male) 
Sometimes after 1 breeding, the female tightens up or is not receptive,obviously there is nothing we can do about that.
If you do everything I ask, she will get pregnant with 1 breeding; many times we have experienced 10 pups in just 1 mating.

7. Please, make a reservation for your breeding ASAP ; If you reserve, you will be first for the breeding of your female when she is ready.

8. Chilled $500 and frozen semen $750 (  charges to extract, prepare and ship the semen Fedex/UPS priority)  can be shipped to you, so if your female does not get pregnant will be due to your vet not timing her properly or doing the proper testing; Make sure you know your vet’s qualifications when it comes to handling the semen-Insemination…YES, all vets are experts in fertility and reproduction .

9. If your female does not get pregnant we will breed her for free in her next heat. All terms mentioned before apply. The free stud stays with the same female, but if we agree to allow you to use it with a different female, all the testing needs to be done to new female.

– If you want to do AI at the vet,you pay for it…..what is free is the stud fee

-If you are receiving another chilled or frozen semen, the vet’s and shipping charges are your responsibility, what is Free is the stud-the semen fee, not the related (vet & shipping charges).

10. If a stud is not available for the guarantee breeding,we can only offer the stud we have available. NO REFUNDS will be issued . Unfortunately, dogs can be sold, or not breeding anymore or die.

11. ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP STUD: is common sense. Unforeseen things happen: If you call us too late to ship the semen or do a breeding, if the semen extraction is not good enough, if the stud had just done a breeding, if the stud is sick,etc

If all the proper testing is done and timing/Progesterone , your female will get pregnant. Yes, there are times a female does not, but this is why we offer the guaranteed/free stud.

We are not responsible for lost paperwork or shipping company mishandling the semen.

These are the terms to breed to our studs And are subject to change at anytime.

Even if you do not sign this breeding contract,once you breed to our studs or receive a semen shipment, you acknowledge you are aware of it And will abide by the terms set forth.

If you don’t agree with these terms, do not use our studs.

Should any legal dispute arise, Orlando- Orange County Courts will have jurisdiction over the matter.

Contact Us To Inquire About Stud Services.